Ilya Kalachev

My life in Belarus



You ever heard about Belarus? Its a small and nice country somewhere in the woods between Poland and Russia. We have many good people here and our traditions are thousands of years old. Life isn't easy all the time ... but if we want, we can make it wild and funny.

A usual belorussian family:

me, my Buka and Grandpa - ever been in a datscha?

Traditional belorussian sports

Belarus is a country for real men. In fact, it's a mens-world like the early USA. You see that especially in our favorite sports. We do not do decadent things like in the western countries. Let them play soccer. We got better things:


If you ever will be asked, where this sport comes from, you will know the answer!


We do not need rifles for it. Its our will and our smell - Hasta la Victoria Siempre!


We do not want children in capitalistic countries producing leather-balls with old needles and bloody fingers. We're men! We have better things to play with.

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