Arts of my friends

It was accidentaly that my friends started their careers in Arts. But I have to note that this start was really impressive... I'm sure all of you will agree with me after having a look at these unique pictures. Just some of you would like to ask me: why the start was accidental? So the answer is: main part of landscapes, still lifes and portrets was drawen without any serious preliminary work. Just by impulse. And the reason of such art-impulse was hard'n'heavy belarussian VODKA!!!!

So... Now you know a little part of the story. Unfortunately I need to stop talking and just offer to you to devide my pleasure of looking at these wonderful and ingenious samples of the real alcohol soulfly !!!

To be continued...

My friend Dr. Vaganushka.

He is always ready to add health in your weak body



One of Dr. Vaganushka's invents

Cannabis test for IQ checking.

"What are you looking at now?"

Choose the right answer:

1. Cannabis

2. Leaf of cannabis

3. Cannabis bush

4. Leaf of cannabis in hands of Jamaika smoker

5. Rainbow and palm

(To pass the test you should choose answer 5. All the others are not strongly recommended. And protected by the law)

My friend Hridyushka. Mighty and Horribly



Hridyushka's epic pictures:

"Twilight of the bodun"*

*bodun - very old russian word. Means hang-over

"Spring is coming"

My friend Kozlovsky. Full of live and passion


Kozlovsky's Masterpiece:

"Portrait of Hridyushka while he was drawing his "Spring is Coming"

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